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I turned 30 yesterday! To celebrate, I… had a party (a couple weekends ago) — Wool E. Bull came! ate pie with some coworkers (pie > cake) skipped class and went out to dinner instead opened presents — more on … Continue reading

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I had a meeting today. It was an early meeting for a new project and while I wildly scribbled notes, I realized something wasn’t quite right. So, I spoke up about it. And I’m glad I did because it was … Continue reading

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Wrong side of the bed

I woke up in a horrible mood on Saturday. Usually, if I acknowledge that I’m in a bad mood, I can work through it and it eventually goes away. Not on Saturday. And I tried really hard to fill my … Continue reading

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Sorry about the jerks who came before me

Did you read Seth Godin’s blog today? It reminded me of something I’ve been noticing a lot lately: service professionals’ surprise when I’m nice to them. An example: My husband and I hosted Thanksgiving this past year. It was our … Continue reading

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Nina B’s School for People Who Don’t Email Good

I just read Bustle’s How to Sound Smarter and More Professional in Emails: 9 Easy But Powerful Tips, and wanted to add some commentary. The 9 tips, plus some thoughts from me: Never say “just” –  This was an eye-opener … Continue reading

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  Writing a first post for a blog can come with a lot of anxiety. There’s too much pressure to start off on the exact right note. So, I picked out the perfect image instead. Welcome.

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