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70/20/10 and Now/Next/Later

I just read this great piece on Medium about managing your time and resources the way Google does: 70% on the now–the deadlines you can see right in front of you; 20% on the next–deadlines on the horizon and some … Continue reading

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Smells like team spirit

I ran a marathon relay over the weekend! I was in a team of four, and the way it worked was: everyone had to run a lap, one at a time, in the same order until you were done. So, … Continue reading

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Great minds think

  You know the saying, “Great minds think alike,” and the rebuttal, “great minds think for themselves.” I submit a new* one: Great minds think together. It’s about collaboration, not competition.   *Probably not new.

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The flip-side of the fantasy

In my last post, I wrote about being duped by a brand’s image and the fantasy I assigned to owning their products instead of the quality of the products themselves. And I asked myself if could recognize other times I’ve … Continue reading

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Not buying the fantasy

I recently broke up with one of my favorite stores. Or, at least I thought it was one of my favorite stores, but when I really reflected on it, I realized that actually, I’ve been disappointed with them for years. … Continue reading

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