The flip-side of the fantasy

In my last post, I wrote about being duped by a brand’s image and the fantasy I assigned to owning their products instead of the quality of the products themselves. And I asked myself if could recognize other times I’ve allowed myself to get tricked.

But there’s a flip-side to the trickery: when the culture of a brand is authentic and isn’t playing a trick on you.

Some examples:
In school, we talk a lot about the Mayo Clinic and how their cultural emphasis on value is just as important as the quality of their care.

B Corps – This certification is for companies that meet certain standards regarding social sustainability and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Sometimes, it’s not only about the product, but way it’s made and how the people who make it are treated. Examples of B Corps include New Belgium Brewing, Ben & Jerry’s, method (the cleaning products), and, local to me, Bull City Burger and Brewery.

Feeling good about the companies that produce your burger, beer, ice cream, and the soap you clean up with tastes so much better!

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