Changing it up

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 10.57.53 AM

Lucy, wishing she was outside

I keep coming across articles about morning routines. Suggestions, the importance of a good one, “what happened when I did ____ every morning for a year” — that sort of thing. And it’s gotten me thinking about my morning rituals and whether they’re healthy, helpful, or worth the time I spend on them.

And one morning ritual that I want to adjust is the first dog walk of the day.* It’s really more of a responsibility, but by turning it into something more intentional, I think it will bring benefits to both me and my pup. We usually go outside, enjoy a quick–ahem–emptying, and then hurry back inside for coffee (for me) and breakfast (for both of us).

But I want to make these walks a little longer. I want to enjoy the time outside as much as Lucy does (if that’s even possible). Plus, the fresh air and activity will wake me up a little more, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to start the day with some exercise. And it’s a win-win: Lucy will be thrilled with some extra time outdoors.

What are some of your helpful morning routines?

*I wrote this post before our latest snowstorm, so I feel like I should add “weather permitting.”

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