I’m free on Mondays after work. And since it seems that I can’t stand free time, I decided to fill my Monday evenings with activities that I enjoy.

It all started when some friends and I decided to meet on Mondays for Spanish conversation. Some speak it quite well, some are just learning (I’m in between). We’d gather, drink wine, and chat en español about pretty much anything for a couple hours.

The plan was to do it every week, but there were competing activities and the group just couldn’t stay committed to a weekly engagement.

And even though I’d happily fill all of my Monday evenings with Spanish conversation, what I enjoyed most was spending time with friends and doing something special, that add value to my week or help me learn and practice something new.

So now, Mondays are for “enrichment.” I have a recurring meeting on my calendar called exactly that, and I fill in the details as they firm up. I am as committed to enrichment as I am to my other weekday obligations (which include going to class), and I highly recommend it.

Besides Spanish, some enrichment activities I’ve participated in include:

  • Seeing a movie
  • Skyping with a friend or relative
  • PopUp Chorus (if you don’t blink, you can see me in the bottom left corner–singing with my eyes closed because I was really feeling the rain down in Africa–at 2:48)

I’m excited to see what my enrichment course looks like as the weather gets warmer!

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