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My Public Healthiversary

I’ve been meaning to post at some point this fall to celebrate a decade in public health.  I figured today–December 1st, or Worlds AIDS Day–is the perfect day to do it, since HIV/AIDS education is what sparked my interest in … Continue reading

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Succeeding Through Giving Up

I needed this today. Maybe you do, too: 13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful (by Zdravko Cvijetic via Medium)  Some of my favorites: 8. Give Up Multi-tasking “You will never reach your destination if you stop and … Continue reading

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Challenge: Accepted

I’m a challenge junkie. Have something that flexes my willpower and tests my discipline (and is somewhat interesting)? I’m in. While a lot of the challenges I’ve done in the past are fitness/nutrition-related like the Whole30 or a 30-day plank challenge, … Continue reading

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Reverse Resolutions

January’s winding down (already?!) and New Year’s resolutions are starting to fizzle. As it turns out, I don’t typically make them, but I recently learned about reverse resolutions and think they’re a great alternative. Reverse resolutions are commitments to continue … Continue reading

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Fit to Print

I promised I’d share my article when it was up. Man, for as long as it takes for a paper to get accepted, they sure do throw it into a journal quickly! It’s available online now, and will be printed … Continue reading

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Try Again…and Succeed

Remember when I wrote about the journal article that no one would publish but just wouldn’t die? (“Yes, because it was the last thing you blogged about,” and “No, because you never blog and I forgot about you,” are both … Continue reading

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Try Again

Before I left my last job, I wrote a paper on ways to track and measure engagement within a field trial of an internet-based health behavior intervention. I dedicated a lot of time to the paper and submitted it to … Continue reading

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