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On not having an a-ha moment

I went to a leadership forum last week. It was good! But I had some beef with it. (And I mean more than a certain former NC governor being there as a participant with a name tag that read “John … Continue reading

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Succeeding Through Giving Up

I needed this today. Maybe you do, too: 13 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful (by Zdravko Cvijetic via Medium)  Some of my favorites: 8. Give Up Multi-tasking “You will never reach your destination if you stop and … Continue reading

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January Cure 2017: not my fight

Last weekend, I had big plans to write another recap about the January Cure. This weekend, same thing. But. The events after Inauguration Day, particularly the Women’s March and deluge of harmful executive orders, have made both doing and blogging … Continue reading

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A rough week (have hope)

This week: A loved one was rushed to the ICU. (He’s stable now.) My husband and I were hit by a drunk driver. (We’re fine.) Our country elected a racist/misogynist/bigot/narcissist/sexual predator/tax evader without any political experience to the most powerful position … Continue reading

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What Can I Do Now?

Augh. The events of last week (and the week before, and the week before that…) have left me feeling lots of words that end with “less,” like speechless, helpless, and sleepless, while at the same time making me feel hopeful, mindful, … Continue reading

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Challenge: Accepted

I’m a challenge junkie. Have something that flexes my willpower and tests my discipline (and is somewhat interesting)? I’m in. While a lot of the challenges I’ve done in the past are fitness/nutrition-related like the Whole30 or a 30-day plank challenge, … Continue reading

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Reverse Resolutions

January’s winding down (already?!) and New Year’s resolutions are starting to fizzle. As it turns out, I don’t typically make them, but I recently learned about reverse resolutions and think they’re a great alternative. Reverse resolutions are commitments to continue … Continue reading

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