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Switching to espresso boosted my productivity (but not how you think!)

I’ve been drinking coffee since I was a kid. Sure, it was more milk and sugar than coffee back then, but I had a taste for those roasted beans and it has never let up. Until recently, I was in … Continue reading

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My personal inbox, in headlines

The “Promotions” tab of my personal Gmail account is completely out of control. I’ve done things to make it chill out, like actually unsubscribe from the sale alerts that seem to come in by the minute, and I’ve even been … Continue reading

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Battling Burnout

Did you know that in Europe, burnout is a legitimate mental health condition categorized in their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)-equivalent, the ICD? I learned that from this conversation between Tasha Eurich, an organizational psychologist and author of Insight: … Continue reading

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Saying “nope” to OPE

via GIPHY No, this isn’t a plug for the DARE program. OPE stands for Other People’s Emergencies. And it’s time we talk about saying “no” to them. A couple months ago, I was hit with a deluge of emails asking–and … Continue reading

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The case for sandwich-tasking

Have you ever clicked on Word or Excel or some other program that you need to work in, only to discover that it’s already open because you were working in it an hour or so ago and then got distracted … Continue reading

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Room for Improvement

One of the many things I love about where I work is that there really is a demonstrated emphasis on work/life balance and self care. Case in point: 4th of July week. In honor of our organizational birthday, summertime, the … Continue reading

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January Cure 2017: Week 1

Remember when I said I was going to do Apartment Therapy’s January Cure? I’m doing it! Are you? If so, we made it through Week 1! Here’s the recap: Assignment #1: Pick one drawer–any drawer–and clean it out. I selected … Continue reading

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