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The world’s mine oyster

Vacations are incredibly important for stress relief, self care, work/life balance, etc., and since that’s what I blog about, I figured I’d share my vacation itineraries! Four years ago, my husband and I went to Jamaica for our first vacation … Continue reading

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80 Day Obsession Musings 1 Year Later

A year ago, I finished 80 Day Obsession (80DO), Autumn Calabrese’s exercise and nutrition program through Beachbody. First, a little bit about the program: It was 80 days’ worth of unique 30- to 60-minute workouts that were filmed in the … Continue reading

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I ran 500 miles this year and here’s what I learned

I ran over 500 miles in 2018. 75 of them were in December. Why? Because when I saw how close I was to 500 miles, sometime in early December, I had to go for it. And then it snowed, and … Continue reading

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Battling Burnout

Did you know that in Europe, burnout is a legitimate mental health condition categorized in their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)-equivalent, the ICD? I learned that from this conversation between Tasha Eurich, an organizational psychologist and author of Insight: … Continue reading

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Your Personal Board of Directors

Back in March, I attended Durham Women Take No Bull, an event hosted by the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce that celebrated International Women’s Day with two multi-generational panels of successful women. The focus was on women in the workplace … Continue reading

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The Wishlist as a Planning Tool

Do you make wishlists of the things you want to own? Whether it’s for my birthday or something to save for, I do. I have an Amazon wishlist, a Pinterest board dedicated to things I want, and an ongoing list … Continue reading

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My User Manual

I’ve been working with a fabulous executive coach, Janeen Gingrich, for a few months, and one of the tasks she gave me was to write my leadership philosophy. I did all of the assignments that are supposed to prep you … Continue reading

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