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It does not say “RSVP” on the Statue of Liberty

Yesterday (Independence Day 2018), my husband and I traveled from Durham, NC to the ICE detention center in Farmville, VA to participate in an organized protest…but no one else was there to protest and we couldn’t get into the facility … Continue reading

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Saying “nope” to OPE

via GIPHY No, this isn’t a plug for the DARE program. OPE stands for Other People’s Emergencies. And it’s time we talk about saying “no” to them. A couple months ago, I was hit with a deluge of emails asking–and … Continue reading

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On not having an a-ha moment

I went to a leadership forum last week. It was good! But I had some beef with it. (And I mean more than a certain former NC governor being there as a participant with a name tag that read “John … Continue reading

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January Cure 2017: not my fight

Last weekend, I had big plans to write another recap about the January Cure. This weekend, same thing. But. The events after Inauguration Day, particularly the Women’s March and deluge of harmful executive orders, have made both doing and blogging … Continue reading

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The Power of a Bad Man

I’ve been having a lot of feelings lately. Feelings of being completely overwhelmed by this election, and more than that, feelings of being completely overwhelmed by the mess we’re in because of ignorance, hatred, fear, prejudice, and power. On Sunday, … Continue reading

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Patients on Strike

Two posts in one day? I couldn’t help it. Because this Vox First Person essay… Unpaid, stressed, and confused: patients are the health care system’s free labor …is my life right now. I’ve been dying to write a follow-up to … Continue reading

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A Big Deal (but not a good one)

I have a Master’s of Public Health in policy and management. While I work in public health and tobacco control policy specifically, most of my policy-related classes were related to healthcare, and specifically, insurance: the ACA, payers, bundled payments, etc. … Continue reading

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